Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Affiliate Program / Affiliate Partnership?
A. An Affiliate Partnership is an organized agreement between a webmaster and a merchant. The webmaster (Affiliate) will earn revenue with the merchant (VietBet) from sales generated by their webmaster site(s) traffic (website, blog, social media page, direct refrerral). Our program pays affiliates a percentage of the total net gaming revenue every week.

Q. What does it cost to join an affiliate program such as GoldenAffiliates?
A. There are absolutely no monthly costs or hidden fees to become an affiliate with GoldenAffiliates, anyone can join and promote our Sportsbook brands.

Q. How does the program work, are all my players tracked in real-time?
A. Once you register an account with GoldenAffiliates, your application is reviewed by our affiliate manager and your account will be approved to receive access to our advanced tracking system. From there you can pull any banner creatives needed to advertise on your website(s). Also you can utilize our affiliate specific text links to send promotional emails and newsletters to your client list.

Q. Am I committed to be part of the GoldenAffiliates program for a specific amount of time?
A. You are completely free to promote our brands as long as you wish. The general rule is the more exposure you provide our brands on your site(s) - the more revenue you earn on a week to week basis. You must maintain at least one banner or text link on your site(s) to receive commissions from GoldenAffiliates.

Q. How may I check my player statistics and affiliate earnings with GoldenAffiliates, how often do I get paid?
A. Once your affiliate account is approved and you have sent traffic to any of our three Sportsbooks, you are able to view total banner impressions, clicks, registrations, deposits and commissions earned by logging in with your GoldenAffiliates account ID and password. Our affiliate program pays commissions on a weekly basis (every Monday by 12 CST).

Q. How is a player linked to my site(s)?
A. A player is automatically linked to your site when your have referred him over to any of our Sportsbook brands. Affiliates refer players by using specific tracking links provided by our software platform (banners, text links, landing pages, bonus codes). The visitor clicks on the link and visits our online Sportsbook, Casino, and Poker Room. All visitor registrations, and deposits are tracked under your affiliate account in which you receive commissions for the life of the player!

Q. I have several blog pages and social media pages, may I promote your brands there?
A. You can promote our brands anywhere on the web. We do not condone spamming or any other type of black hat marketing. Social Media options such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have their own marketing guidelines specific to every region, so be sure to work within those terms when promoting GoldenAffiliates.